EU RAN: Involving young people in counter and alternative narratives – why involve peers?

Radicalisation Awareness Network, Alexander Ritzmann

When working in multicultural teams, creating trusting
relationships is key. Policy-makers and civil society
organisations (CSOs) often share goals. But they might have
quite different procedures, approaches and perspectives,
and therefore ‘cultures’. Young people, an important part
of civil society, want and need to be empowered to become
more active members of communities preventing and
countering violent extremism (P/CVE). They can provide
perspectives, insights and a ‘spirit’ that most established
organisations will struggle to create without them.
This paper presents some of the key challenges and
opportunities identified at the policy and practice event on
cooperation between young people and policy-makers. It
also suggests concrete steps for building trusting
partnerships and effective multicultural teams.

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